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See http://www.oranjerieprogramma.nl/nl/voorstellingen/programma-overzicht/meru-concert/1861/


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kaushiki-chakrabarty-ensembleSakhi is an initiative by Kaushiki Chakarbarty. She is the leading female vocalist in Indian classical music and the most deserving inheritor and torch bearer of Patiala tradition.
Kaushiki brings together India’s first ever all-ladies ensemble and harnesses the creative energies of contemporary India’s best young talents representing all streams of the Vedic heritage of Indian classical art.

Kaushiki Chakrabarty Ensemble:

Kaushiki Chakrabarty – Vocals

Nandini Shankar – Viola

Debopriya Chatterjee – Flute

Mahima Upadhyay – Pakhawaj

Sawani Talwalkar – Tabla

Bhakti Deshpande – Dance

Saturday, 1 st August 2015
20:00 hrs
Theaterzaal, Kloosterwandplein 12-16, ‘6041 JA Roermond, The Netherlands.


Tickets: http://www.ticketunie.nl/detail.aspx?C=1542&V=255_2405

FB: https://www.facebook.com/meruconcerts

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SATURDAY, 11 APRIL 2015, 20:00 HRS


Enjoy the finest of Indian classical music from three of the most prominent young artists of India. They have received their training since early child­hood from the great maestros of India.

gandharva-ladiesAnkita Joshi: Her expressive voice and mastery of ragas enlivens rapturous harmony and bliss in the minds and hearts of listeners. In the last 13 years, Ankita trained under the direct guidance of one of India’s greatest classical singers, Padma Vibhushan Pandit Jasraj. She has received many awards and has performed extensively at top venues throughout India.

Nirali Kartik: The beauty and joy emanating from Nirali’s singing has been cultured through long years of dedicated practice and perseverance to master the intricacies of Indian classical music. She has performed at music festivals across India and in many European countries. Nirali has collaborated with many world music artists and is the lead vocalist in her band ‘Maati Baani’.

Ragini Shankar: Ragini delights her listeners with her flawless violin performances of beautiful classical ragas. Since the tender age of four, Ragini has been fortunate to train under her renowned mother Sangeeta Shankar, and her grandmother, the legendary violinist, Padma Bhushan Dr. N. Rajam. Ragini has performed at prestigious music events in India and abroad.

Accompanying them on tabla will be Ramkrishna Manohar, and on harmonium, Santosh Ghante.

The Eternal Music of Nature
Music that Connects You with Nature. A breath-taking sunset, a panoramic mountain view or a waterfall in the woods can fill you with wonder and joy. The melodies of Indian classical music – known as Gandharva Veda – mirror this experience.

About Raga Melodies
Gandharva Veda is based on melodies called Ragas. Each Raga has a unique structure which combines both fixed elements and infinite possibilities of variation, allowing the musician to bring out all the subtle values of the frequencies present at that time of the day.

Each of these melodies (Ragas) traces the vibrations and pattern of a particular time of day. When you listen to a melody during the specified time period, it creates a natural balance and harmony in your awareness and in the environment, and through the particular quality (Rasa) of each Raga, characteristics such as greater courage, self-confidence, wisdom, and happiness are enlivened.

For all details, tickets etc. please visit http://concert.meru-mvu.org/the-concert/

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gandharva-ladiesSaturday – 11 April 2015, 20:15 hrs
TheaterHotel Oranjerie, Roermond, The Netherlands.

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ND7_7540 2014-10-03 PS smlconcert-okt-2014This MERU concert took place on 3rd October 2014 at St. Odilienberg, Limburg, The Netherlands, near Vlodrop.

On Santoor: Tarun Bhattacharya

On Tabla: Sandip Bhattacharya

Photos: Burkhard Meißner (MERU)

tuning the santoor


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bandeau3Sitarist Reshma Shrivastava will be performing in Paris on 17th May 2013. Please see address below and more details in French.

Le Gandharva-Veda, musique traditionnelle indienne
A Paris pour un concert unique le vendredi 17 mai 2013
VEDA-CLUB – 13, rue de Caumartin 75009
Code d’entrée : 01A41 à 20 heures
Métros : Opéra – Madeleine – Saint Lazare – Havre Caumartin

image0038a3adaReshma Srivastava est une talentueuse musicienne indienne, venant d’Allahabad. Elle commence à 8 ans sa formation classique de jo
Reshma a fait de nombreuses tournées en Inde, donné des concerts en direct à la radio, et s’est déjà produite dans de nombreux pays comme l’Allemagne, la Hollande, la Suisse, la Grèce ou encore Israël et Chypre.
Sa musique est certes indienne mais son caractère a une valeur universelle. Son style s’inspire directement de la tradition du Gandharva-Veda ; elle est composée de Rig et de Tal qui étaient déjà joués dans l’ancienne civilisation védique.
Le Gandharva-Veda est un système musical composé de notes et de rythmes particuliers, présents dans la nature. La performance des musiciens du Gandharva-Veda est destinée à favoriser l’équilibre des différents aspects de la nature, elle influence de manière juste et appropriée l’environnement. Elle s’adapte aux saisons, au jour ou à la nuit. La musique, et les sons en général, sont connus pour influencer l’auditeur, et même améliorer sa santé, voire produire des vagues harmonieuses de paix dans la société.
La technique très rapide et très maîtrisée de Reshma Srivastava est un phénomène rare, comme l’attestent tous ceux qui ont eu la chance de l’écouter.
Réservez vos places dès maintenant !

Entrée : 15 € – Etudiants : 10 €

Informations et réservations au Veda-Club
par tel : 01 42 65 52 02 ou par mail : vedaclubparis@gmail.com

Site internet de Reshma : www.reshmasrivastava.com

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