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Prateek Chaudhuri

Prateek Chaudhuri

Prateek just sent us those 4 links, of recent concerts.

Some amazing Classical Concerts links on youtube :

1. Raga Marwa ( Drut Teental and Jhala ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBTRxKp11EE

2. Raga Bihag and Bhairabi (Tabla : Ustad Akram Khan) : incl the rare 9 beat cycle, 8 1/2 beat cycle , 7 1/2 beat cycle and Drut Teental…followed by a beautiful Dhun based on Raga Bhairabi http://youtu.be/ZJPcdt1Iusc

3. Raga Jhinjhoti ( Tabla : Ustad Akram Khan ) incl. a beautiful and melodious Alap in Raga Jhinjhoti. foll by an Amazing Maseetkhani Gat (Vilambit Gat) (Teental) http://youtu.be/M6PeHrzvAeI

4. Raga Yaman ( Tabla : Ustad Rafiuddin Sabri ) incl… a beautiful Alap foll by 9 beat cycle , Drut Teental and Jhala http://youtu.be/9RkHcqw4XSY

Pandit Prateek Chaudhuri ( Sitar Maestro ) Associate Professor Faculty of Music & Fine Arts, University of Delhi J-1852, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi-110019, India Tel: 91-11-26278877, Tel/Fax: 91-11-26271060, Mob : 9810022228 Email: prateekchaudhuri@yahoo.com Website : www.prateekchaudhuri.com


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Sunday, 21 July 2013, 14:00 hrs, TheaterHotel Oranjerie, Roermond, The Netherlands

Tickets: www.oranjerieprogramma.nl and concerts@maharishi.net

An Afternoon with the Best of India TheaterHotel Oranjerie, Roermond

Kaushiki Chakrabarty: The finest Indian classical singer of her generation. CLICK FOR VIDEO

Vijay Ghate: Top ranking maestro of Tabla

Soumik Datta: Sarod – ‘One of the biggest new music talents in Britain’—Vogue CLICK FOR VIDEO


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