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partha-pratim-roySitar maestro Partha Pratim Roy is available for concerts in Germany from 17 October 2013 until 6th November 2013.

Please make use of his offer and organize a concert with him to bless your city with the “Eternal Music of Nature” and its sublime and beneficial frequencies which bring unity into diversity and harmony and integration to all.

Partha will come with a tabla player.





Contact: gandharva@ayurveda.nl


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Shirin (vocal) and Ranajit Sengupta (sarod)

Shirin (vocal) and Ranajit Sengupta (sarod)

Ranajit Sengupta, young Sarode Maestro from Kolkata, India, had been conferred the PANDIT Title from the Ministry of Broadcasting, Govt. of India, for getting the TOP Grade as one of the youngest musician ever in January 2012. And his wife Vocalist Shirin Sengupta also got “A” Grade from the same Ministry.

Both have performed since many years at Maharishi Gandharva Veda concerts in many countries in Europe and overseas.

Ranajit will be for a short time in Germany between 6th to 11th June 2013 on his way to London as he will perform at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London on the 13th June. He will be later in Europe with Shirin from Mid July to 6th August and again from 15th to 31st October. They both have long term Visa for European Countries.

Please, if you are interested to organize one or more concerts for them, please contact me at gandharva@ayurveda.nl

Gandharva concerts enliven the atmosphere and bring harmony and integration not only to the audience, but to the whole environment. Gandharva music is one of the ancient Vedic technologies of consciousness to strengthen the indivivual as well as society as a whole from a very profound level. Fortunately for the world, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has revived this wonderful technique to harmonize disharmonies, and to unify differences.

See www.gandharva.nl



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Sugato-2Fr, 24. Mai 2013 – SONDERVERANSTALTUNG – Einführung in die klassisch indische Musik (Gandharva-Veda) in Theorie + Praxis: SUGATO Bhaduri, Meister der , präsentiert “Die heilenden Klänge des AYURVEDA” – freie Veranstaltung

Nieder-Ramstädter Straße 5a, 64283 Darmstadt, info@tm-darmstadt.de, Tel.: 06151/424016


On 18 May 2013 Sugato Bhaduri and Sandip Bhattacharya (tabla) will perform in Lelystad, Holland. Place: Koepel Maasstraat 29. Begin: 20 hrs. FREE entry.

Please visit http://www.sidhadorp.nl/sidhadorp/sidhavillage-lelystad

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seelisberg_left1st June 2013, 20:30,
Maharishi Gandharva Ved Concert
Sugato Bhaduri, Mandoline
Om Prakash Pankaj, Tabla
2. Juni, 10:30, Morgen-Raga

15th June 2013, 20:30,
Maharishi Gandharva Ved Concert
Diptesh Bhattacharya, Sarode
Swapan, Tabla
16. Juni, 10.30, Morgen-Raga

22nd June 2013, 20:30,
Maharishi Gandharva Ved Concert
Partha Bose, Sitar
Indranil Mallik

And more …

Visit MERU Switzerland

Place: MERU, Seelisberg, Switzerland. Above Lake Lucerne.


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Hi, I am looking for someone in any city or town in Europe who would be interested to organize Maharishi Gandharva concerts to uplift not only the listeners but also the whole environment and the entire population because a live performance of Gandharva music creates a powerful influence of harmony and integration since this music mirrors the frequencies of Nature’s functioning at very subtle levels which integrate and unify the whole diversity of creation. And proportionally to the size of the audience this positive effect increases.

Organizing concerts should be a profitable enterprise. So if you are interested in making money while enjoying a lot at the same time, please contact gandharva@ayurveda.nl

Best wishes!

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bandeau3Sitarist Reshma Shrivastava will be performing in Paris on 17th May 2013. Please see address below and more details in French.

Le Gandharva-Veda, musique traditionnelle indienne
A Paris pour un concert unique le vendredi 17 mai 2013
VEDA-CLUB – 13, rue de Caumartin 75009
Code d’entrée : 01A41 à 20 heures
Métros : Opéra – Madeleine – Saint Lazare – Havre Caumartin

image0038a3adaReshma Srivastava est une talentueuse musicienne indienne, venant d’Allahabad. Elle commence à 8 ans sa formation classique de jo
Reshma a fait de nombreuses tournées en Inde, donné des concerts en direct à la radio, et s’est déjà produite dans de nombreux pays comme l’Allemagne, la Hollande, la Suisse, la Grèce ou encore Israël et Chypre.
Sa musique est certes indienne mais son caractère a une valeur universelle. Son style s’inspire directement de la tradition du Gandharva-Veda ; elle est composée de Rig et de Tal qui étaient déjà joués dans l’ancienne civilisation védique.
Le Gandharva-Veda est un système musical composé de notes et de rythmes particuliers, présents dans la nature. La performance des musiciens du Gandharva-Veda est destinée à favoriser l’équilibre des différents aspects de la nature, elle influence de manière juste et appropriée l’environnement. Elle s’adapte aux saisons, au jour ou à la nuit. La musique, et les sons en général, sont connus pour influencer l’auditeur, et même améliorer sa santé, voire produire des vagues harmonieuses de paix dans la société.
La technique très rapide et très maîtrisée de Reshma Srivastava est un phénomène rare, comme l’attestent tous ceux qui ont eu la chance de l’écouter.
Réservez vos places dès maintenant !

Entrée : 15 € – Etudiants : 10 €

Informations et réservations au Veda-Club
par tel : 01 42 65 52 02 ou par mail : vedaclubparis@gmail.com

Site internet de Reshma : www.reshmasrivastava.com

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