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Vocal workshop in Darmstadt, Germany, on Sunday 13 May 2012

Two parts (independent, but can be booked together):

15:00 – about 16:30 hrs, Part 1: Antje Plagge: Intro into Gandharva Veda, its healing effects on body and mind, with samples.

17:00 – 20:00 hrs, Part 2:  Workshop with Sugato Badhuri, master of the mandolin and of classical Indian vocal style.

Application please latest until Tuesday, 8 May 2012. Telephone: +49 (0) 6151 424016

More info:  www.tm-darmstadt.de

T M – Center Darmstadt, Niederramstädterstr. 5a, 64283 Darmstadt, Germany



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An Introduction to the Classical Indian Dance form Bharata Natyam

Announcing a 6-Day Course

Presented by the Global Mother Divine Organisation
15– 21 June 2012
St. Odilienberg (near MERU), Holland

Course participants will enjoy daily lessons in the beginning dance steps of Bharata Natyam, as well as presentations on the origins and unique components of this ancient art form, and the underlying principles of Vedic Dance in light of Maharishi’s Science of Consciousness.

Offering both extended group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programme and the practice and knowledge of Bharata Natyam, this course will provide a fulfilling taste of Vedic Dance for the purpose of promoting health, happiness, and higher states of consciousness. It is a beautiful opportunity to enliven inner silence and draw that silence out to be expressed and integrated through dynamic waves of movement. Come enjoy increased balance, strength, energy, and bliss through the joyful art of dance!

This course is open to all lady Meditators, Sidhas, and Governors 16 years and older, and no previous dance training is necessary.

For more information about the content of the course, email vedicdance@gmail.com.

To see the full course announcement and application details, visit:

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MERU-Concerts Guru Purnima 2012, 29, 30 June and 1 July

Enjoy a spectacular display of melodies, rhythms, and beats performed by renowned artists from India.

These three special evenings will feature divine Gandharva Veda music from world-renowned artists, music that will unite you with eternal flow of Nature and fill you with wonder and joy.

Experience the unforgettable bliss and harmony of this Maharishi Festival of Music for World Peace while enjoying breathtaking sunsets with a panoramic view of Maharishi’s Peace Palace, a floating stage between fountains, and a comfortable outdoor grandstand, all in the ambiance of our beautiful forest setting richly decorated with sparkling lights and colours.

Come with your family and friends to experience this unique festival of music for world peace. The programme will include fulfilling and delicious meals.

Concert Ticket Information

Special three-evenings weekend package: €80 (central row), €60 (side row)
Two-evenings weekend package: €65 (central row), €45 (side row)
One-evening package: (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday): €35 (central row) or €25 (side row)
Tickets for the concerts include dinners and group programmes.

For booking for the Concert only please go to: www.meruevents.com

To contact us please use the Contact page on www.meruevents.com
(email: concerts@maharishi.net)
Tel.: +31 (0) 475 53 95 39

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Sugato Bhaduri, mandolin, 5 May 2012, Darmstadt, Germany, 19:30 hrs

Sugato Bhaduri, mandolin, 5 May 2012, Darmstadt, Germany, 19:30 hrs

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