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Binay Krishna Baral

Swiss press about Binay Krishna Baral

Binay Krishna Baral has sent us this article of a Swiss newspaper announcing his Gandharva concert (classical Indian music) on Friday 27th August in Seelisberg above Lake Lucerne.

From his organiser in Ukraine we heard that he performed in Khmelnitski (city in west Ukraine), Dnepro Petrovsk (big city in east of Ukraine, and gave 4 concerts in Crimea: Sevastopol, Yalta, Alushta, and for a Purusha group in Prahladno, and last in Kiev. He also gave in Kiev a flute course. See photo some blogs below.


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Raja Bjarne, Raja of Denmark, Russia, and other countries

Raja Bjarne, Raja of Russia for the Global Country of Worldpeace, reported that the thick smog in Moscow caused by forest fires has suddenly been cleared by heavy rain.

A long, hot, dry summer caused many forest fires in the Moscow area. The city has been covered in smoke and smog. People had to cover their noses and mouths before going out. For 50 days the situation kept on getting worse.

On 10 August Raja Bjarne, Raja of Russia, sent out an invitation to all the Meditators and Sidhas to do long programme, especially Yogic Flying, to create coherence in the atmosphere and enliven balance in Natural Law. He invited them to play the Rain melody of Maharishi Gandharva Veda (classical Indian music – Hindustani style) and read the Bhagavad Gita. Also the 6th National Yagya was organized by the National Office.

Two days later, on 13 August, the rains came: CBS News reports heavy downpours on 13 August.

The next day the situation had improved even more and the fires had abated considerably.

Raja Bjarne praised the efforts of the mediating family in Russia and noted the very direct and quick effect of the programme.

Four days after the rains started, they are continuing to clear the smoke and fires.

The BBC reports: Russia’s record-breaking heat wave looks set to come to a dramatic end, with a severe storm now heading for Moscow after battering St Petersburg

Temperatures (in Moscow) dropped to 25°C on Monday after nearing 40°C for weeks. Fires that have raged across western Russia are being brought under control.

Source:  MaharishiChannel.in

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Surajit Das and others in Hannover, Germany, 10th, 11th and 12th Sept 2010

September 12th 1960, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi held his first press conference in Bonn,  Germany. This day and 2 more will be celebrated in the Maharishi Peace Palace in 30159 Hannover, Sophienstr. 7, Germany. Surajit Das (Surbahar, Veena, and  Sitar) and Sohrab Aziz (Bansuri and Tabla) will perform on 10th, 11th and 12th September 2010. All concerts will start at 20 hrs.

Contact: kursbuero@MaharishiVeda.de

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Shrimati Anita Roy (vocal) is visiting MERU, Vlodrop, The Netherlands,  from Monday 9th to Wednesday 25th of August 2010  and will be giving Gandharva Veda workshops or lessons (single or in group), concerts and weekend-courses according to demand.

The lessons will take place in the Brahmasthan of Maharishi’s house. Everyone is welcome, also beginners !

Single lesson 20 € – group lesson 10 € – weekend: ca 100€

For application please contact: dorothea108@gmail.com

Tel: 0031 47553 9504

For information about hotels: mvah@maharishi.net Tel: 0031 47553 9634

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Binay Krishna Baral with MGV flute students, Maharishi University of Management, Kiev, Ukraine August 10, 2010. Photo by Sasha Gryban

This photo just arrived from Binay!

Binay Krishna Baral with MGV flute students, Maharishi University of Management, Kiev, Ukraine August 10, 2010.

Photo by: Sasha Gryban, TM Teacher, Kiev, Ukraine. Please click to enlarge.

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Santoor and Tabla evening in Southall,England, 14 August 2010.

Santoor and Tabla evening in Southall, England, 14 August 2010. See poster. Please click to enlarge.

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